Health & Wellness on the Blockchain

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Mindsly is building a modern decentralized, open-source blockchain health and wellness virtual application platform that is focused on supporting the current mental health crisis. 

Mindsly is building a VR ecosystem designed as a safe and secure, immersive world, where mental health services and alternative therapy providers are easily accessed in a virtual environment with peer-to-peer socialization.

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Health & Wellness on the Blockchain

Mindsly Joins Web 3.0

MINDSLY Corp is in the midst of leading the charge in meta-based wellness because of its many beneficial characteristics.  The intrinsic security and anonymity features that are present in the blockchain ledger system provide the public with the freedom to explore and utilize a myriad of non-pharmacological therapeutic modalities in a safe and immersive world.  MINDSLY is setting a new elevated standard for access to wellness, education, and treatment services utilizing Web 3.0.

We're building these exciting innovative solutions for our customers.

  • Blockchain

    Your medical records and therapeutic interactions will be securely stored on the blockchain and encoded with a private key. They will only be accessible to authorized parties giving you more control over your own records and ensuring privacy without the need for a central gatekeeper.

  • Metaverse

    The MINDSLY platform will bring a new access point to clients that provides a singular place for customers to access an array of health and mental health services through any web3 enabled device from the comfort and safety of their home. With our native MIND token clients will have the opportunity to engage in health-related activities and projects.

  • Pay for Services

    With our native MIND token, clients and providers will have the ability to freely transfer cryptocurrency for their goods and services within our metaverse without transaction fees.

Health & Wellness on the Blockchain

What makes the MIND Token so unique?

-Get access to the best doctors and specialists with the MIND Token.

-Save on all of your health and wellness service and products when you use the MIND Token


The Past, Present & Future

Bringing Mental Health to the Blockchain.
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With our native MIND token clients will have the opportunity to engage in health-related activities and projects.

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Mindsly Metaverse Healthcare


Mindsly is committed to providing the healthcare industry with innovative and effective metaverse solutions. Our team of experts have years of experience in developing and deploying virtual healthcare solutions that improve patient care and reduce costs.

We intend to offer a variety of services to our clients, patients:

– 3D/Virtual Reality (VR) simulations for training and education

– Interactive patient care applications

– Telehealth solutions

Our goal is to provide healthcare organizations with the tools they need to improve patient care and reduce costs. We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation in the healthcare industry.