Instructions to Purchase Presale Tokens

Step 1

Click the Buy Now w/Crypto to purchase presale tokens.

Step 2

You’ll need to connect to your wallet before you can purchase tokens. Click the Blue “Connect Wallet” Button.

Step 3

We offer the options to connect to a MetaMask Wallet, Binance Wallet, Trust Wallet and WalletConnect.

Step 4

Once you have connected and are on the Ethereum Mainnet, enter the amount of ETH you want to spend to purchase the MIND Tokens.

Step 5

Click Buy Now and it will ask you to confirm the amount of tokens you are purchasing. 

*Take a Screenshot to show how many tokens you will receive.

Step 6

Your transaction is being processed. Do Not navigate away from this page. Click the Transaction ID to see the Etherscan report. 

Step 7

Once your payment has been confirmed. You will get a successful popup. 

That's it.
Make sure to screenshot your transaction for reference. Your tokens will be redeemable after 1 year.